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Downloading Monitoring of Java Virtual Machines with JMX
SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_327.tgz) a04659344dd42361e9f88fd7576ea661274d80a7c409842b2dd9b3bba2e1483b SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_326.tgz) 0c2086b35e8c45d8235407eae59ae1e4b68e5c8b9681bf459062b9b54f827614 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_325.tgz) c004a2bcf5cbf70084525555eeff936dfb156f1988fe8020300dffaf9b8e5742 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_324.tgz) 0bb5bb5941516782435b2d2a954f011548f7614627e35059c542064e5e8c46e3 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_323.tgz) a8d06e6ac3a6f69d95ef03016896364112b91d21b513c8d8bb2b9ab5f5b7459c SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_322.tgz) 13ce8cf6b73f3aca28ac5a9ee41f61215b907b54b51640b0ec35a0ba84c9f0a8 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_321.tgz) aaed60a36ec37025de98b70132803036b217c98e44b4e067c9fc7edc64c58231 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_320.tgz) 69be768b31aeed85e56d9f0c55bebfe050ef2667db832c5085533314db5788cd SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_312.tgz) 88b0fe44c4d0c34b664c9b3dde27ade9cebfc3f2f974b207a32607a9e8ead443 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_311.tgz) 9a1d442b7d163b8ceb2751e78cf419277c141e47dc45073d6f52e3528f9bf436 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_31.tgz) faec0e8abaa1174a8a038cbe6d47a59448c0d75e55939697e5d3eec04ce3f776 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_30.tgz) 22161b05f473413c0015fd7e2334fe50088f889543a575037766b410f155d226 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_28.tgz) f8440c2f2aa23926d1babda867b4605d68bf61e031129760b4d9786014ff76c0 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_27.tgz) 5e2bbb29a56c8ef0daefcd14d2272b14fdbddcfb79e701089051b190684742d9 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_264.tgz) 60218d170aa1cc9dc3fba13fba8f1a304f80d81f8d99980ed2ffc069f7f17075 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_263.tgz) 809bce6c1e209bf40db52f9e6bc32aa1dc40150f3cf500c9c87e5147106a2560 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_262.tgz) 8d70faee6496379ac28269d6108a6ee2bcc888fb18481cf250891efcb861db1c SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_261.tgz) 37201278c619fb7b03f2c9a92a6724fab1f13408205461fa45d079934217c71e SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_25.tgz) 9f3f1dae3c23600836f04e8733ddae51a84fca947b0ff9650c8e914b2b65c170 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_24.tgz) ce10de626d6c62274162988b15b86889de9ceb5d6339bc9bdfff7349cdf108fa SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_222.tgz) 63f1c092f50424f8954fe75cfd4f34e9447f223dd56db738beaa21c9b2bc8704 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_221.tgz) 7520224556e97344c45ce12dd7278e0317c64fa0d5ff57bc816b6457aff51551 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_22.tgz) 0fe716f2e86bb5ab2a215faeb0b2529610fc68b50d3904da7d814516e451c872 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_21.tgz) 5dcae1de263dd1377614fd4bd0f94c7a9d620daad072247ca9fd99c8f249d8c6 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_204.tgz) 7a48231c1a798ba06a00030ab6e9c8bf68771b9713e4289da4d9a29f3bad5d98 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_203.tgz) dc02be7a3b13827cef11f270d4a95219ada31de6acf89dc7c33d4a841340192d SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_202.tgz) c73780e470af641245dcde9d8e050cff8cbe9324d0f9dbb0f6e48c21c71534ec SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_20.tgz) 3e02850515f53ef81a4c7dda0488f14491b11b3cd02f87206e5df5c55ffbfa45 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_17.tgz) be915e5aeb4ea0e5d9b4b75a4fab16e06c4a01ec8a5e3872af339e04725ad7f8 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_16.tgz) 9e830229dbbacdb6560ded49c8ab90871b2dfb8b3993747179103eb23b440ef6 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_157.tgz) fbac952a2cd3ddff8e515e25ef702da41b26ab906b020735940c9d9186792e9a SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_156.tgz) 59c05dc730fe046092dae653772f8a70e218475ee5e66684b127b6104e21459d SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_155.tgz) 669996c4b3e85d44c3e24cc5b2b7a0bb90453a85a866357be6a2570072998566 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_154.tgz) bcbc1e695767e35722cf8ccef8302d689da0ded080956f83647240e7c36390eb SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_153.tgz) 43fab353f5e1cf74e7516ac12a84e20cb8e0da4ccbce6040ef257f4c897071f5 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_152.tgz) 3f6ef00463c3c9a01b94436662d50410197364297658df685bd0569cd42e6253 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_151.tgz) 90a7a74ac8d839d003ce115fd077f4300d98ac0925316ad0fc15f45d2856ddae SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_15.tgz) 89d5ead15c68270e97babcdfead72cf90c80729ef1a253ea7c6b73a5d98fb97a SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_14.tgz) 2afa3d03a1eaf3c3e5185520e6ab4274650315bb2816f24ab9977d20b6b8297c SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_134.tgz) f2e4a281530b8e1ba06384c7de1cb38c0aac4fcc9b7264382498704535fb40fd SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_133.tgz) 95ef617cb401098f2af4ff7385450a06b1fb50ac629758b137ab64ff9d3a4669 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_132.tgz) dd2ce4de8c7cbad84df60f0f59513dcffb1ece62f1fa35b05410871cd34c4657 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_131.tgz) b1d40456318bc264e87cd4f4389a6d378cbcbd823525b0f3d540c36323f0ad97 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_13.tgz) 7a6aa809733d4c5978e2842affac6f33fad96cd8a2effc49d8e674241a3e8181 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_129.tgz) 1d8f15ee2a9ee49307e919416ed93f5a6536e8375102598836f9a5cecc3c19c6 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_128.tgz) d101fccd837b159ce5a0908442e645ce72c1ec496aef2748f9dc5c51625cdac2 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_127.tgz) 5e36ecaa9333474f471672b025d6af3136811efe65abeb940779c4eda5bbdac4 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_126.tgz) f1e4f9a441a2c950cae425c84f8d3a95b7ccc666bce251945b2392204a122ce8 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_125.tgz) 784c7941a53e58290348e0e917a837657e8772f566a7dcfd7db878abe7f844a0 SHA256 checksum (monitoring-of-java-virtual-machines-with-jmx_124.tgz) befb44bcf309490b80ab7563b63b4c6f5d2c8f713edfbe83fdfdb5a043c3f46f
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Monitoring of Java Virtual Machines with JMX

Splunk Cloud
"Monitoring of Java Virtual Machines with JMX" (formerly Splunk for JMX) can be used to poll local or remote JMX Management Servers running in Java Virtual Machines across your entire infrastructure and index MBean attributes, outputs from MBean operations and listen for MBean notifications.

The Python code in this App is dual 2.7/3 compatible.
This version of the App enforces Python 3 for execution of the modular input script when running on Splunk 8+ in order to satisfy Splunkbase AppInspect requirements.
If running this App on Splunk versions prior to 8 , then Python 2.7 will get executed.

For details of the support we offer for our Apps , browse to : https://www.baboonbones.com/#support

This App is fully AppInspect passed for installing in your own hosted Splunk Enterprise environments or on your own hosted Splunk Forwarders and forwarding the collected data into Splunk Cloud or installing directly in Splunk Cloud.

Release Notes

Version 3.2.7
Jan. 1, 2024

updated the Java SDK

Version 3.2.6
Oct. 12, 2022

updated the Java SDK

Version 3.2.5
June 18, 2022
  • in order to support huge modular input configuration xml strings when users want to run a very large number of inputs on 1 single instance of this app , we had to change the way that the child java process is invoked. Previously the xml string was passed as a program argument which could break the max argument size in the Linux kernel. Now we changed the logic to pass the xml string to the java process via the STDIN pipe.

  • The app performs periodic socket pings to the splunkd management port to determine if splunkd is still alive and if splunkd is not responding , usually because it has exited or is not network reachable, then the app self exits it's running java process.The default timeout is now 300 seconds. You can change this timeout value in bin/jmx.py by setting the SPLUNKD_TIMEOUT_SECS variable.

  • upgraded internal logging libraries to Log4j2 v2.17.2

Version 3.2.4
Dec. 23, 2021

upgraded internal logging libraries to Log4j2 v2.17.0

Version 3.2.3
Dec. 15, 2021

upgraded internal logging libraries to Log4j2 v2.16.0

Version 3.2.2
Dec. 11, 2021

upgraded internal logging libraries to Log4j2 v2.15.0

Version 3.2.1
Oct. 29, 2021

added a JSON Event formatter. See bin/config/examples/tomcat.xml

Version 3.2.0
Oct. 19, 2021
  • general updates to meet latest Cloud Vetting requirements
  • browse to the Setup Credentials menu tab and enter any JMX usernames/passwords you require.
  • activation key is now setup globally via a menu tab
  • removed the HEC output option, default is now stdout
Version 3.1.2
Oct. 6, 2020

upgraded logging functionality

Version 3.1.1
Sept. 29, 2020

docs update

Version 3.1
Aug. 30, 2020

added a setup page to encrypt any credentials you require in your configuration

Version 3.0
Aug. 23, 2020

enforced python3 for execution of the modular input script.If you require Python2.7 , then download a prior version (such as 2.8).
updated all of the dashboards to be compatible with Splunk 8
removed the default 'jmx' index , 'main' is the new default index

Version 2.8
May 16, 2020

Dual Python 2.7 and 3+ compatibility.

App will run on :

Splunk Enterprise versions back to Splunk 5 where there is only a Python 2.7 runtime shipped
Splunk Enterprise version 8 where there is both a Python 2.7 and Python 3+ runtime shipped
Future versions of Splunk Enterprise where there is only a Python 3+ runtime

Version 2.7
Dec. 30, 2019

added JAXB dependencies for JRE 9+
fixed Splunk 8 compatibility for manager.xml file

Version 2.6.4
Dec. 4, 2019

correcting some minor docs errors

Version 2.6.3
May 10, 2019

cosmetic fixes

Version 2.6.2
April 23, 2019

updated docs

Version 2.6.1
April 19, 2019

added trial key functionality

Version 2.5
May 27, 2018

Added an activation key requirement , visit http://www.baboonbones.com/#activation to obtain a free,non-expiring key
Docs updated
Splunk 7.1 compatible

Version 2.4
Nov. 24, 2015

Minor HEC data handling tweaks

Version 2.2.2
July 12, 2015

Tidied up a dead link in the navigation menu

Version 2.2.1
April 20, 2015

Fixed some minor typos

Version 2.2
Feb. 11, 2015

Enabled TLS1.2 support by default.
Made the core Modular Input Framework compatible with latest Splunk Java SDK
Please use a Java Runtime version 7+
If you need to use SSLv3 , you can turn this on in bin/jmx.py


Version 2.1
June 16, 2014

Config file is now dynamically reloaded if it changes
PID File contents are read in on each poller execution
PID Command is executed on each poller execution
PID Command can also return JVM Descriptions in format : 1234,somedescription

Version 2.0.4
Jan. 23, 2014

Minor change so that when using "dumpAllAttributes" , only READABLE attributes will be polled.

Version 2.0.3
Nov. 5, 2013

Added a property to optionally specify an alternate config file directory location , relative to SPLUNK_HOME

Version 2.0.2
Oct. 30, 2013

Put app icon images in the correct directory(this has changed for Splunk 6)

Fixed a classloading clash for direct process attachment jars for win32 vs linux deployments

Version 2.0
Oct. 22, 2013

NOTE : As per Splunk legal naming standard requirements , this app has now been renamed from "Splunk for JMX" to "Monitoring of Java Virtual Machines with JMX". But it is still functionally the same with everything you know and love , plus more !

Release Features:

Refactored the core data collection to be a Modular Input vs the prior versions' scripted inputs.This is much better for performance as now you can run multiple polling stanzas in 1 single JVM, versus having to fire up a JVM for every time you execute a configuration file

As the Modular Input is a Python wrapper to a JVM instance , all Splunk platforms are now supported

The app can either be run in app mode(with dashboards) or in add-on mode(just the modular input.)

Removed all Advanced XML and replaced with Simple XML

Added support for listening for MBean Notifications

All logging now goes to splunkd.log , searchable via "index=_internal ExecProcessor jmx.py"

All documentation brought up to date.

Version 1.7
Oct. 16, 2013

Updated to be compatible with Splunk 6

Version 1.6
Dec. 17, 2012

Tweaked the GC views , Added support to roll out Composite Type arrays

Version 1.5.7
Oct. 22, 2012

When using direct process attachment and specifying a PID Command script, previously Splunk for JMX would only support a single PID in the command output , now it supports multiple PIDs (delimited by newlines)

Version 1.5.6
Sept. 3, 2012

Minor cosmetic update , removed paypal links

Version 1.5.5
Aug. 30, 2012

Added heap/non-heap memory committed charts to the jvm_memory dashboard

Version 1.5.4
June 2, 2012

Added a setting to SearchSelectLister modules so that their populating searches inherit the parent TimeRangePicker selection

Version 1.5.3
April 16, 2012

++added a configuration parameter(stripPattern) for Formatter declarations in config.xml that allows you to specify a regex pattern, or list of patterns, that if matched will strip the matched text from the raw MBean attribute/operations values++

Version 1.5.2
March 20, 2012

++just a tweak to the build, some files were erroneously getting CHMOD'd executable in the tarball++

Version 1.5.1
March 20, 2012

++Converted all the demo views to Advanced XML and added in dynamic time,host,jvm selectors++The new Advanced XML views use output generated by the TokenizedMBeanNameQuotesStrippedFormatter, this is the formatter now declared in the example config xml files, the DefaultFormatter is still available if you were using and still want to use that, but won't work with the new Advanced XML demo views++

Version 1.5
Feb. 15, 2012

++Refactored core engine so you can plugin both custom Formatters and custom Transports++Bundled STDout(default), Splunk Rest, TCP,Syslog,File Transport implementations++added ability to add parameters to Formatter and Transport declarations++3 bundled Formatters can be customised with various different parameters in the configuration xml file, such as the ability to prepend a date and specify the date format pattern++updated docs

Version 1.4
Feb. 1, 2012

Added a setup screen ++ Added a MAX_TIMESTAMP_LOOKAHEAD setting in props.conf to prevent erroneous epoch time rsolutions from non time fields ++ Added links in navigation bar to pdf/html docs

Version 1.3.4
Jan. 11, 2012

++minor adjustment to logging, no more daily rolling files , now only keeping 1MB with 1 backup as the JMX logs get indexed by Splunk anyway ++ documentation housekeeping

Version 1.3.3
Nov. 15, 2011
  • More robust handling of primitive type arrays + All Formatter implementations now strip out all newlines and tabs from attribute values and replace with single space characters, thus flattening out all possible attribute values into a single line
Version 1.3.2
Sept. 22, 2011

+++Added several new demo views, tables, charts...notably, CPU usage per JVM(based on the same algorithm that JConsole uses to derive the JVMs cpu usage), garbage collection, memory pools/memory managers , more thorough OS and Runtime metrics, enhanced connectivity errors page.+++no changes to core engine or config schema, so full backward compatibility maintained

Version 1.3.1
Aug. 10, 2011

Tweaked the demo forms and navigation bar >>Added a data input to monitor the splunk4jmx error logs and also added view on the navigation menu that reports on jmx connection errors.

Version 1.3
July 18, 2011

Docs updated

Version 1.2.9
July 18, 2011

Fixed minor bug in poll_mx4j_jmx.sh script

Version 1.2.8
July 17, 2011

Added an optional "Formatter" implementation that rather than outputting the mbean name as a single canonical string, breaks up the mbean name into its constituent parts and outputs as individual fields.In your config XML file you can use this formatter by declaring.....<formatter className="com.dtdsoftware.splunk.formatter.TokenizedMBeanNameFormatter" />

Version 1.2.7
July 16, 2011

Added support for discovering and extracting ALL attributes of an MBean.Provides an alternative to having to explicitly declare each attribute you want to extract.

...a few examples....
dump the attributes from every MBean from every domain :
<mbean domain="*" properties="*" dumpAllAttributes="true" />
dump the attributes from all MBeans in the java.lang domain :
<mbean domain="java.lang" properties="*" dumpAllAttributes="true"/>
dump the attributes from all MBeans in all of the cassandra domains :
<mbean domain="org.apache.cassandra.*" properties="*" dumpAllAttributes="true" />

Version 1.2.6
July 13, 2011

MX4J support is now implemented, in addition to the standard JSR160 rmi and iiop connectors , there are now MX4J http/https connectors (hessian, burlap and soap). If your target JVM is using MX4J 3.0.2+ as its JMX implementation, then you can use these additional connectors.

In my testing, these http connectors all work well for simple attributes.

Hessian/Burlap work well with CompositeData attributes, but not so with TabularData attributes

Soap seems to have issues with CompositeData and TabularData attributes.

I would recommend the hessian connector if using an http based connector.

I have also updated the lib layout and scripts to allow easier addition of custom jar files, 3rd party jar files etc...

All documentation updated.

Version 1.2.5
July 4, 2011

Tested against IBM J9 JVMs >>Fixed bug with multiple cluster elements in config xml file >> Tidied up processing of TabularData

Version 1.2.4
June 30, 2011

Added more thorough Java Collection type support for Attribute value and Operation return types. >>>Can now deal with Arrays, Lists, Maps, Sets and recursively deeply inspect Collections of Collections.>>>Docs updated.

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