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Downloading Technology Add-on for Fire Brigade version 2
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Technology Add-on for Fire Brigade version 2

Splunk Cloud
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This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
This app is a data collection package used to periodically collect results from the "dbinspect" command, providing input for the Fire Brigade application (version 2). It is intended to be installed on any host that would be indexing data, such as an "all-in-one" installation, or the indexers in a distributed search deployment.

Note: The main Fire Brigade version 2 app no longer does data collection of its own.

Technology Add-On for Fire Brigade (TA-fire_brigade)

Inputs for the Fire Brigade app

This technology add-on for the Fire Brigade app is a data collection tool
only. It contains a saved search, called "DB inspection", which is scheduled
to run once daily, and a couple of macros to support this search.

The search calls the "dbinspect" search command, once for each index listed
within the "monitored_indexes.csv" lookup table. Only indexes named in this
table will be examined in this way. It is important to keep this list up to
date if comprehensive monitoring of the indexes in your environment is

The dbinspect command provides a listing of all of the buckets within the
named index, and some statistics about each. This data is required by the main
Fire Brigade application to display relevant charts and metrics about the
monitored indexes. Now with version 6.0, dbinspect is a "distributed" search
command, meaning that it will show the status of all buckets across all
indexers when run in a distributed environment. This makes it possible to
install only one copy of the TA, on the search head, which will collect from
all of the peers. However, the "traditional" method of installing the TA on
each indexing node, is still available as well.

NOTE: Due to a change in the way this application is packaged, a standalone
Splunk system (all-in-one) now needs this TA; the main Fire Brigade app
itself does not collect the required data from the standalone system.

Data collected by this app is sent to the "summary" index, which exists in all
default Splunk installations. No additional indexes need to be created.


There are two modes of operation for this TA. The data collection script will
run the dbinspect search command, looping over all of the indexes listed in
the lookup table "monitored_indexes.csv". Administrators have the option of
manually updating this list to constrain the search to only a subset of
indexes. In order to achieve this manual control, the saved search titled
"Update monitored list from REST" must be disabled. The default behavior is
for this search to periodically use the REST API to retrieve the current list
of non-disabled indexes on the local system, and saves the results to the
monitored_indexes.csv. In this default mode, the TA will track all of the
indexes on the system automatically, without the need to manually update the
lookup table.


The output from the dbinspect command changed in version 6.0. This app is
specifically tuned for version 6.0 and higher. If you're running Splunk 4.3 or
Splunk 5.x, use TA-fire_brigade version 1.

Release Notes

Version 2.0.1
Dec. 6, 2013

Hide the TA; it has no views.

Version 2.0
Nov. 13, 2013

Provides support for Splunk Enterprise 6. This TA has been adjusted to accommodate the new output format from "dbinspect".

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