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Built by David Carasso at Splunk Inc.


Get Splunk Alerts, Charts, and Data on your mobile devices!

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Splunk Alerting on your iPhone! Available NOW!

It pushes alerts and charts to your cellphone from your Splunk servers, when you're on the beach. It's how you get your Splunk data conveniently on the go. splunkeverywhere is a one-way data push from firewalled splunk servers to mobile devices, via a cloud-based service run by Splunk or your own organization.

Not an official Splunk product, but a really useful skunkworks project. Use it and love it.

How can I get it?

What are the benefits?

It gives you quick and easy data on the go, sharing only what you want with whom you want. It's optimized for the mobile platform, and constant availability of critical data.

Who is it for?

It's for everyone that can benefit from critical data. In fact, splunkeverywhere creates new class of users that otherwise would not use Splunk.

What does the Splunk app do?

It adds the "share" search command. For all your alerts and saved searches that you want to make available to mobile users, 24/7, simply append "| share somename". User's subscribed up to the somename channel will get the charts and data on their phones. Add the "alert=true" option to the share command, and the phone will beep and give an alert when new data fires.

What does it look like?


Why is mobile important

According the users questioned by the Aberdeen Group:

  • Mobile BI can give competitive advantage: 54%
  • Increase productivity of mobile employees: 41%
  • Removes delays in alerting key decision makers to critical information: 30%

What data would useful on the go?

How are your systems, users, data performing? Is anything irregular? Is there anything I need to be alarmed about? No, that's good to know too.

Is the mobile app a clone of the Splunk user interface?

No. It's a web and native mobile app, with functionality appropriate for mobile. It is not the Splunk UI ported to mobile. It supports very limited, simple interaction for small devices. It is alert-driven.

Is it good for all my Splunk searching

No. splunkeverywhere is a one-way push of results. It is not an interactive search interface. For more investigative searching, you'll need to full power of the Splunk user interface.

Why do I need this, can't I just email PDFs to my phone?

Yes and no. This is a dedicated app that allows you to see alerts and the charts that come with it. It has a dedicated web interface that allows you to specify who sees what. Imagine an environment where the users are NOT just splunk admin people, but a dozen people in marketing that want to get charts on download numbers daily, and they want to get alerts other metrics drop below a threshold. etc.

Using this mobile app, your splunk alerts are not mixed in with all your other emails, work and personal, (I get over 100 a day) and it's not an attached PDF that you have to open up, which isn't the friendliest interface. Your splunk alerts come from a specific Splunk alerting app, that jumps you right to the chart. With the email-pdf approach, mobile email clients usually alert you on every email or never. If you want to receive alerts on specific results, each user would have to write email rules or have a separate mailbox for particular types of urgent alerts.

Using this mobile app, you have a web interface accessible from anywhere that lists out which users get what alerts. Adding/deleting users that get alerts is trivial. If you use the email-pdf approach, a splunk admin has to go (vpn) into your splunk instance, find the specific alert object and edit the "To:" line of the alert, for each user you want to add/delete.

In short, if you like the fact that you get urgent splunk alerts are separate from your email, and aren't mixed in, and you like the fact that you can easily edit who gets which alerts, try this app.

Release Notes

Version 1.1
Nov. 21, 2013

Don't send an alert if there's no search results
Improve alert message

Version 1.0
Nov. 1, 2013

Fixed problem where 'share' was called multiple times.

Version 0.91
Oct. 18, 2013

Initial Beta Release


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