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Downloading Splunk Common Information Model (CIM)
SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_502.tgz) 41d040d0824fe7efc22a5a74db1c555e3560f4875095efff94177c5da851b7e0 SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_501.tgz) 46524f2862467d6fd18e06536f313f7b25dc0ed93fd69832d4625af0107b122f SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_500.tgz) 7be74bcfa9f78397d4480952d383e71361115200eec0fee43778e905b36d6eef SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4202.tgz) 04566db1ad9612879468eee22161db58680838f6fe1cb8735c0fcb5cc4b02aa1 SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4200.tgz) 66d72e3c5ea68a69fca1f54604ee5fbb3c9e6f3dfb5671d5925489196a22c48d SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4190.tgz) 8fef139968df9fe0435d50d5687a79546ef684eaec4e8ef5721128eaf3f138b9 SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4181.tgz) f1e6fed24e62ede22bb46611e9462aa221b67bb2fa10467768410e69fbd820c3 SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4180.tgz) b3b5e026964e20045d7e0dedf76d5e91b998c6ec8087001b1a0e8067d89c06ce SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4170.tgz) 8bc8919aec76fc30ab6113ce7a2d66d8c5002dfc80b29590213706d63d2b03f1 SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4160.tgz) 37154880a3ce43867720c427c06f79f6ff12d42eaeae6ad9e799aa744d229f6c SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4150.tgz) 5caeb3fb03820c10c40c21bd29bbef551d721bc204d4b34e3d7bcd0793bd1015 SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4140.tgz) 93811cb63b81a03f0d7fd216d694033b063380703688657687af7e862a641308 SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4130.tgz) fd565e22d5ae412a100f738dc22621ad6981f0f38b23f457c4006140375e5559 SHA256 checksum (splunk-common-information-model-cim_4120.tgz) 70ee7e8617bcc5a6a7f6999976895e644d311dd0dfb9318fa36141218737d90e
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Splunk Common Information Model (CIM)

Splunk Cloud
Splunk Built
The Common Information Model is a set of field names and tags which are expected to define the least common denominator of a domain of interest. It is implemented as documentation on the Splunk docs website and JSON data model files in this add-on. Use the CIM add-on when modeling data or building apps to ensure compatibility between apps, or to just take advantage of these data models to pivot and report.

Release Notes

Version 5.0.2
Oct. 4, 2022
Version 5.0.1
March 22, 2022
Version 5.0.0
Nov. 29, 2021
Version 4.20.2
Sept. 14, 2021
Version 4.20.0
June 23, 2021
Version 4.19.0
Feb. 19, 2021
Version 4.18.1
Feb. 10, 2021
Version 4.18.0
Nov. 18, 2020
Version 4.17.0
Aug. 12, 2020
Version 4.16.0
June 16, 2020
Version 4.15.0
Feb. 14, 2020
Version 4.14.0
Oct. 17, 2019
Version 4.13.0
April 2, 2019
Version 4.12.0
Oct. 9, 2018

Splunk Common Information Model 4.12.0 Copyright (C) 2013-2018 Splunk Inc. All rights reserved. For the Release Notes see: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/CIM/4.12.0/User/Releasenotes

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