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Downloading SNMP Modular Input
SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_185.tgz) 4bfb39f967a57a99fc2966998461cf00729730b2c2388662bd5aca7f50950524 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_184.tgz) b05cb0d384ba1ec8774c7dbb07d6c8ef4373bad327a6c7b3fe7a9d8b7c747239 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_183.tgz) af7599d36b3baa1e6750b5c3de182c827ed40273222a7d96087a11ad51339822 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_182.tgz) 6b30da42fdc5a5d1f2c03a34899a1c6f13762e18e77f30d6397c8e20e0511249 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_181.tgz) c8cbeaff66a890f1f3a35dc0372d4f4bc25e8fb458c88d759d73bd289dc909c8 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_180.tgz) edba8c412d82cd5dda50cbcc8df070e0f714a5d70d3c1ad4ffc5fa1a88d9096d SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_179.tgz) b94f14a18ef0b2f9814ca49a18920132b95c79c5908da66856593a68199c8a49 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_178.tgz) 83c5555c5a49b50fe9237e93de3c64b3eef7e72d6fce29b46caba3c6678d3889 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_177.tgz) 195454b2ed0402ab7b7e75c5c95334594fa46d75e7295ad628cae32f8dd4d857 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_175.tgz) 1b1f870b52ed73df4e26475f9da6da0961d235c18df79c0a941cbd20eb7724d3 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_174.tgz) 984b1450cac2d7b59094c14bcb7b0afae3075345df51d6280bc3133feaf4ed49 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_173.tgz) 8d217b35368b0c20f61e28d4127c20681c31d099d93677b1cd41531993a547b7 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_172.tgz) 2f8f3bb957706ef10fccf405f6e697a7700f18d807941e15e9fc4a36d7173559 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_171.tgz) 524bece8c8c2d12ee877ea12f8f76e1510a3eec750527743db509c034ecea6c1 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_17.tgz) 092db87b3cd7e91f25c611a1229b0591409c6b96dc639f757a3591f9dacba142 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_169.tgz) c9af0265af4c4686d283d0b89016ec5010fdd2ea49cbc442df01343c65df4514 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_168.tgz) b26f494c993c1fb9091a5ba2eca1d1358e379dd7d27f9fb3b9aa939306708602 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_167.tgz) ec27c9abb33009c72ab516c61a6fc8f5bc3ee854b3d63cf3213414f6b451901d SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_166.tgz) 3174cadc65fd4443ff6a9c77a53786eb5ffe593455ffea285b191b2c77847f83 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_165.tgz) cd5889666fb3d88cdcbd64116b8f031e5091654512561badbe3659560db0db0d SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_164.tgz) a1b582b0df6a5ec5c2369274f0ac7c8f3cdc8c708dd85fae7447ff67d7dcb368 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_163.tgz) 5a1cc25b2951543e00db2599678cbb5c6f719ab67cc78ada10a5cb3329f3a02a SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_161.tgz) 616c563753bf5916bd7dd5b94c59c1daab007079f177fc17ae11c24f1d3c8018 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_16.tgz) fb14c6d237c3f8ce266dd6b2177b02344e9a794392fc67b42a51efa818a34921 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_15.tgz) ebed4e0bb17badd9cba4e03e231fae08384fd5cbedb3bdfbaea9237ccd0fce45 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_142.tgz) 33178befbb65e2dc4fa106f75e4ab8bed7ee18e23ad4569f27d5a67c014c988e SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_141.tgz) a8e7e2549aead5f36d0519971b59436a84aeff76fb1b0798b360251b6fed290a SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_14.tgz) 27a05bc79706b202f7f1a85b7f5e587e5124555a4a81916559c6642b54e8c54c SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_13.tgz) 0c2a533ae18ee7fde1c0b17b49cd9fbf37f62c903dbebd5b36aebcb4e8b3bd1c SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_127.tgz) c05faa8bd01865a38dc8331af792e327a7b14ad3561bf425efde274b6e7f9b5c SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_126.tgz) bedcb7aebc875973ef45e2325a3e29c223a0976c442bdcb7dbbe6f5a9775cbdc SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_125.tgz) 814b4dbffd533177611056bdee58554d22f4d4df5c8328a73b1a3753c1ac538e SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_124.tgz) e2386533cb2682ed0da0ea85f48158159a246ebc225b1d5819110cf355f1b483 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_123.tgz) e7016de68724feb9d5768ddb98a99b1bc4fb2a237c288c4e1e5b65561bd35f80 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_122.tgz) 9d4bbd326acde23c9aaf3a7e7fc3ea3767477087db04aec9286a4b3053db8097 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_121.tgz) dd8a75cf82bfe841c67ad66a68f39221dbe0a04842069e9a359b784828745902 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_12.tgz) 63d88977b77b66b7664ddb29e2d1a1a52397868cf383594faf8b2929b1a00ad5 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_106beta.tgz) fc410ab1b679d04f6a24cbc09e74d67baed92a40fa525f695b86758edaeb0558 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_105beta.tgz) f990ee0cf7f60ff809652997e6d599797e8ea1db7582586a6f3662e65231373a SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_104beta.tgz) f058cd3c135d77419a599315f24c67c9c5898bd954020331981a90b08a9a8615 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_103beta.tgz) 2f8fd151d04526ed2c787679905ad94456d7b709873a775f7f2d6db39719a63e SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_102beta.tgz) 2f678cef4de4440367faf3938382963804ca6ebf54fa6ff56cf2e94a0f741bc3 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_101beta.tgz) 9b26ae849b63a7cd771946541c6a03f559a2eae50192a755a92212b270406c85 SHA256 checksum (snmp-modular-input_10beta.tgz) 2aacbd5c7a0cccddf8faad3a18f2b1b39ff3b7aaca01346f24e4bc9c0db1a542
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SNMP Modular Input

Splunk Cloud
SNMP Modular Input to poll attribute values and catch traps.

The Python code in this App is dual 2.7/3 compatible.
This version of the App enforces Python 3 for execution of the modular input script when running on Splunk 8+ in order to satisfy Splunkbase AppInspect requirements.
If running this App on Splunk versions prior to 8 , then Python 2.7 will get executed.

For details of the support we offer for our Apps , browse to : https://www.baboonbones.com/#support

This App is fully AppInspect passed for installing in your own hosted Splunk Enterprise environments or on your own hosted Splunk Forwarders and forwarding the collected data into Splunk Cloud or installing directly in Splunk Cloud.

Release Notes

Version 1.8.5
June 26, 2023

Added a custom config file, snmpv3_usm_users.conf , which will allow you to setup multiple SNMPv3 USM Users for receiving Traps on the same port.

Version 1.8.4
May 21, 2023

In some rare circumstances , and only on Windows , there may be permission errors rolling log files when you have configured multiple stanzas.Added a patch to uniquely name log files on a per stanza basis.

Version 1.8.3
Nov. 20, 2022
  • added some code that calls tasklist on Windows to detect and kill rogue snmp.py processes
  • a few minor code tidyups
Version 1.8.2
Oct. 5, 2022

some minor regex field extraction tweaks to the snmp_attributes and snmp_traps sourcetypes

Version 1.8.1
Oct. 5, 2022
  • fixed some incorrect extractions for sourcetypes
  • added more authentication protocols for SNMPv3
Version 1.8.0
June 18, 2022

general robustification around MIB loading/compiling and better error messages to help diagnose issues with your custom vendor MIBs

Version 1.7.9
Nov. 23, 2021

upgraded the Splunk Python SDK to v 1.6.18 to meet the latest App Inspect/Cloud Vetting rules.

Version 1.7.8
Oct. 3, 2021

added low level pysnmp library debug logging to the logging output if level "DEBUG" is chosen

Version 1.7.7
Sept. 28, 2021

can now configure an engine id for a USM User for receiving v3 traps

patched pysnmp for COUNTER/TIMETICKS encodings that might decode into a negative value

Version 1.7.5
Feb. 25, 2021

ensure DefaultResponseHandler doesn't emit empty content
ensure that retrieved credentials always contain some placeholder String value in case no password values are returned from Splunk's REST API

Version 1.7.4
Feb. 23, 2021

added flag to optionally disable process state checking

Version 1.7.3
Feb. 23, 2021

fix to Process state checking for Windows environment

Version 1.7.2
Feb. 5, 2021
Version 1.7.1
Feb. 4, 2021
Version 1.7
Feb. 3, 2021
Version 1.6.9
Oct. 6, 2020

upgraded logging functionality

Version 1.6.8
Sept. 28, 2020

docs update

Version 1.6.7
Aug. 30, 2020

added a setup page to encrypt any credentials you require in your configuration

Version 1.6.6
Aug. 20, 2020

Enforced python3 for execution of the modular input script.If you require Python2.7 , then download a prior version (such as 1.6.5).

Version 1.6.5
Aug. 19, 2020

general appinspect tidy ups

Version 1.6.4
Aug. 19, 2020

general appinspect tidy ups

Version 1.6.3
July 22, 2020

minor bug fix

Version 1.6.1
May 27, 2020

minor tweaks to threading code logic for polling SNMP OID attributes

Version 1.6
May 16, 2020

Dual Python 2.7 and 3+ compatibility.

App will run on :

Splunk Enterprise versions back to Splunk 5 where there is only a Python 2.7 runtime shipped
Splunk Enterprise version 8 where there is both a Python 2.7 and Python 3+ runtime shipped
Future versions of Splunk Enterprise where there is only a Python 3+ runtime

Version 1.5
Dec. 30, 2019

fixed Splunk 8 compatibility for manager.xml file

Version 1.4.2
April 23, 2019

updated docs

Version 1.4.1
April 19, 2019

added trial key functionality

Version 1.4
March 28, 2019

docs updated

Version 1.3
May 27, 2018

Added an activation key requirement , visit http://www.baboonbones.com/#activation to obtain a free,non-expiring key
Docs updated
Splunk 7.1 compatible

Version 1.2.7
Nov. 20, 2014

Merged in community Pull requests.

Add a new option to get subtree
Add a new option to perform rDNS for trap source
Fix to resolve missing server extractions on the SNMPv3 trap receiver

Version 1.2.6
June 16, 2014

In the destination field for polling attributes , you can now optionally specify a comma delimited list of hosts

Version 1.2.5
June 13, 2014

Fixed Bug in UI that prevented declaring custom MIB Names when in listen traps mode

Version 1.2.4
May 17, 2014

Fixed host field extraction for receiving v2 traps

Version 1.2.3
March 28, 2014

Minor code tweaks

Version 1.2.2
Feb. 23, 2014

Updated the Manager UI to be simpler and more intuitive

Version 1.2.1
Feb. 13, 2014

Minor Cosmetic fixes

Version 1.2
Oct. 30, 2013

SNMP v3 support , please follow the docs regarding pycrypto dependencies

pysnmp library update to 4.2.5

Support for plugging in custom response handlers that can format the raw SNMP data in a particular format or perform preprocessing on the raw SNMP data before indexing in Splunk. Has a default response handler which produces the same output as previous versions.Also ships with an example JSONFormatterResponseHandler.

Robustified exception handling

More detailed logging

Version 1.0.6beta
July 29, 2013

Added more lenient exception handling code so that the trap listener won't terminate when it can't resolve an OID , and will instead just index the raw OID and print the error message to splunkd.log

Version 1.0.5beta
July 15, 2013

For custom MIBS , added the ability to drop plain python(.py) files into the bin/mibs directory , no need to egg them up

Version 1.0.4beta
June 27, 2013

Tweaked the Manager UI list view

Version 1.0.3beta
June 23, 2013

Got MIB resolution working properly for traps and attribute polling , added a config field so you can declare any MIB names you want applied, any custom MIBs still need to be converted into Python modules first(see the docs) ++ Added a config option to split out "get bulk" results into individually indexed events ++ changed the setup screen layout to be better organised

Version 1.0.2beta
June 20, 2013

Renamed the manager xml file to avoid naming clashes

Version 1.0.1beta
May 30, 2013

Some minor script tweaks around custom MIB loading

Version 1.0beta
May 23, 2013

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