Splunk App for VMware

The Splunk App for VMware provides deep operational visibility into granular performance metrics, logs, tasks and events and topology from hosts, virtual machines and virtual centers. It empowers administrators with an accurate real-time picture of the health of the environment, proactively identifying performance and capacity bottlenecks.

The Splunk App for VMware, combined with Splunk Apps like the Splunk App for NetApp, has out of the box correlation of storage performance issues with affected virtual machines.

The Splunk App for VMware is fast to install and comes with a resilient and auto load-balanced configuration, allowing it to scale to enterprise class VMware environments.


The Splunk App for VMware is compatible with VMware vSphere versions 4.1, 5.0, 5.0 Update 1, 5.1 and 5.5.

Release Notes

With blazing fast ad-hoc searches and reports, the Splunk App for VMware ships with over 25 out-of-the box reports including real-time dashboards that visualize performance events across the virtual topology map. It provides drill down in logical steps to problem sources, helps find resources that are over or under utilized, and allows you to track changes and visualize security relevant events.

Splunk software combines the granular performance and event data from your virtualization layer and puts it in context of data from all your other IT tiers including applications, operating systems and hardware infrastructure. Splunk software provides the Big Data scale needed to analyze, correlate and harness data from VMware and all other technology tiers for true cross-tier end-to-end visibility of your entire IT environment.

With the Splunk App for VMware you can,

  • Visualize the operational health of the VMware environment with instant identification of underperforming/distressed hosts, VMs and datastores
  • Access interactive, visual maps of your virtual environment, highlighting problems and statistical comparisons based off pre-defined, customizable thresholds
  • Gain visibility into potential security breaches and non-compliant usage patterns
  • Analyze resource consumption and utilization and optimize capacity to gain operational efficiencies
  • Access granular performance metrics, at the deepest levels and log data all in one place, directly collected from Virtual Centers and ESXi and VC logs collected via syslog
  • Gain access to blazing fast-query performance for rapid data exploration on massive data volumes
  • Track changes with visibility into vCenter tasks and events in the context of your virtual environment performance metrics, logs and topology
  • Correlate data from virtual infrastructure with data from applications, operating systems, physical hardware infrastructure and networks for end-to-end visibility

To get started see the Installation and Configuration Guide which is accessible on the splunk community documentation site.

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